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Learning Products & Services

Develop and validate your Rubrik technical knowledge and skills with our expanding suite of learning products and services, including live remote virtual live) instructor-led training, online learning, live webinars, and certification.

Learning Products and Services

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Instructor-Led Rubrik CDM Bootcamp

Rubrik CDM Bootcamp

This 4-day on-site Bootcamp is intended for users who are new(er) to the product and covers the core functionality of Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDM), including the bootstrap process, defining and understanding SLAs configuring replication and archive locations, and much more. Sixty percent of the learning experience is comprised of actual CDM hands-on labs.

eLearning for Customers & Partners

eLearning for
Customers & Partners

Learn at your own pace. Access content 24/7 to further develop Rubrik CDM skills and prepare for upcoming online Certification exams. Rubrik Support Credentials are required.

Virtual Instructor-Led Webinars

Virtual Instructor-Led Webinars

Attend bite-size virtual instructor-led sessions worldwide with a Rubrik instructor who provides training on “easy resolutions to our Top 15 Support Tickets. Typically 90 minutes or less, many including actual CDM demos.”

Rubrik Technical Certifications

Rubrik Technical Certifications

Become a “Rubrik Certified Systems Administrator (RCSA).” Master Rubrik CDM fundamentals and enhance your value in the technical workplace. Access the Rubrik Certified Systems Administrator Exam via Rubrik University Online portal using your Support credentials.

Public Open Enrollment Training Calendar

Training open to anyone interested in learning Rubrik CDM


Virtual Training (EMEA / Dublin Time)

28th April - 1st May 2020

Virtual Training (EMEA / Dublin Time)

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Virtual Training (EMEA / Dublin Time)

30th June - 3rd July 2020

Virtual Training (EMEA / Dublin Time)

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